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Sales Mindset

Sales Mind

GREEN - In this chapter, everything is fresh and growing, like Nature. Sales Mind is one of the most overlooked areas in the sales training business. Therefore, it’s a fantastic opportunity for You to join the Sales Boss Gym and get all your sales muscles trained and finally not only reach your sales targets but overachieve them and celebrate your success in the president’s club or in a presidential suite you booked for yourself and your loved ones. And the best: No old-school hard and egomaniac selling which makes both feel bad, the prospect AND yourself, too. Read on to find out how.

The Problem

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. B2B Sales is hard and it’s not for everybody. I guess this is not any news for you. Okay, so do I mean that B2B Sales is like gambling? No, not at all. The problem is NOT that most of the B2B Sales agents fail. That’s the Result! The problem behind this is a misconception of what it takes to become successful in this business.

To make it even worse, if you did some deep research (and I’m sure you did it – otherwise you would not be here and investing your precious time), you will have been confronted with a lot of fluff and often contra dictionary advice on how to become highly successful.


The Solution

Did you have observed or heard that if sales agents of the same company, receive identical sales training and courses, the success rate varies notably? To be totally clear, even the so-called perfect sales script or sales pitch will not help you to close more deals when you have not fixed this one thing, your biggest asset: Your Mind.

No worries. You are not alone. Most highly successful people struggled in their past to master and control their minds, and occasionally they still do. If you totally go through these training resources here, you will master your mind and will walk in the sales calls and high-level negations with a mind set up for success, stress-free.

What you’ll Learn

1. Mindset

Your mindset is the all-important component, the most important foundation. The same applies to the fitness center. If you don't have the right attitude, if you don't have the right will, then you won't be able to achieve your goals either. Every success begins in the mind first. Here you will learn and train how to overcome mental hurdles and become unstoppable!

2. Sales Basics

Basically, B2B Sales is already a professional league, but B2B SaaS Sales is the Champions League. Study and review the Sales Fundamentals, know the DOs and DONTs by heart and impress your prospects and colleagues with your professional demeanor and presentation.

If you fail here, it's game over. No Sales Boss without having mastered the Sales Basics!

3. Self- Organization

Do you think you don't need it? Because you are the creative one, the spontaneous one? Sorry, but sales is not a hobby. Whether you work in a small startup or in a multinational big corporation. 

After completing this training session, you will be less stressed, more relaxed, and finally in control of your agenda again.

If You Are Not Taking Care Of Your Customer, Your Competitor Will.

Bob Hooey

Sales Contract

Sales Cycle

RED – In this chapter it’s all about Fire. But be careful, you can get burned if you are not knowing the rules. Fear of cold calling? Not able to warm up the prospective clients? Not possible to hit your sales targets because of a burned pipeline? Stay with me, we got you covered. Just study and apply our easy-manageable 6-step sales cycle and you will experience that B2B SaaS Sales can be one of the most exciting, admired, and lucrative professions in the entire world and will enable you to live the life of your dreams. How does it work? Read below.

The Problem

It hurts. Cold sweat, just facing all the problems popping up when thinking about the difficulties in the B2B Sales Cycle. There are many. As a result, may that sound like you, too, we are lost in and with information overload, and as a result, we are left paralyzed.

The problem is, what successful sales experts and high ticket closers found out is, even if we all know more or less the specific parts of the sales process and if we know their single purposes, we do NOT know the underlying and necessary foundation AND we do NOT know when and how to move from current to the following part of the sales cycle. Impossible to hit challenging sales targets.

The Solution

Let’s take a step back and have a clear look at the B2B sales process. In this whole chapter, you will not only learn the specific order and singularities of the parts of the sales cycle but also the underlying and little-known foundation you have to build first and how and when you are ready to move on to the next part of the sales cycle.
Here you will learn the rules of how to control the fire and warm up cold leads and prospects without burning them down. Ask the right questions at the right time to get the right answers. Forget the sleepless nights and get yourself and your prospect on fire to finally become a wildly successful and high-earner.

What you’ll Learn

1. Prospecting & Initial Contact

When it comes to the importance of prospecting, just remember the ‘80/20-Rule’ from the Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto. In other words, 80% of the success is preparation.

Here you will learn how to do it the right way to finally reach Sales Boss status.

2. Qualifying

What is qualifying? You can see it as a competition of prospective clients to see with whom it could be beneficial to collaborate. Why should you invest time to qualify before the very first contact, even in the case of a hot lead? Well, basically they show up like a pro and are ready to establish authority. Want to learn more, hit the button below.

3. Status Quo & Challenges

Now it gets interesting. It’s time to shine and to kindle the fire. Time to impress the prospective client and show why you are the Sales Boss. Nail it with straight-to-the-point questions, uncover his ‘Status Quo’, discover his painful ‘Challenges’, and paint his bright and colorful ‘Desired Situation’ he is unable to reach without your help.

4. Benefits & Solution or product demo

When you are entering this stage in your sales cycle, then you can congratulate yourself. This means you have done already some important things right if the prospective client is still listening and sharing his precious time with you. Now you will start to talk about his bright future, with your solution.

5. Proposal & Objection Handling

Get ready to overcome your fear and ‘flight or fight’ modus. Time to unveil the curtain. No more excuses. Let the numbers talk for themselves. Win or lose. Okay, thanks to our proofed and battle-tested sales cycle blueprint, the chances to win the deal have increased exponentially. Take a look at it and hit the button below.

6. Final Q&A & Closing

Drums, please! You made it. But wait! Am I really sure to ask to sign the agreement right now? Did I miss s.th? out, maybe?

Do not let fear get in between and do lose your deal on the last mile!

In this book, we walk you through all the final steps to avoid all pitfalls and be able to confidently ask for signing.

Either You Run The Day Or The Day Runs You.

Jim Rohn


Sales Leadership

BLUE – like the water in the ocean. Be calm, be powerful, depending on which status is appropriate. This is for you, for all the sales, team, and business leaders, or for those who are on their way to becoming one.
Are you committed to lifelong learning? Do you have the skills to lead a team through challenging times when the wind is blowing and the sea is ruff? It’s easy when everything is calm and predictable. But this is not the reality, especially if you want to conquer new markets ahead of the competition. Discover our areas below!

The Problem

 What is a Leader? What is an excellent Leader and how do you become one? If you thought B2B sales were challenging, look into sales leadership.

If it were easy, anyone would be able to do it. Just like sales, leadership is 100% psychology. Leadership doesn't start when you get employee responsibility, but much earlier, with yourself. Despite thousands of research, surveys, and expert tips, no one has found the perfect guide yet. But how can I, as a leader in the B2B sales business, not only survive the first critical 18 months but also achieve my goals? We will explore that and much more in this section.

The Solution

The solution here is a certainty. Find certainty for you, for your appearance, your planning, and your successful team leadership. With our proven system based on the latest findings from NLP, psychology, and emotional intelligence, we leave nothing to chance and no stone unturned.
For certainty, we need clarity, an easy-to-follow blueprint a lot of training resources to put it into praxis. You can discover and study exactly these elements here. Forget the sleepless nights before difficult meetings or one-on-ones. Look forward to mastering Sales Leadership.

What you’ll Learn

1. leadership basics

Master the Fundamentals. Leadership is an art. But you can learn it as you can learn to play tennis or martial arts. This means, not just reading books or watching videos about it. You MUST take action and put your learned knowledge into praxis. Remember, every mastery starts with self-mastery. You will master self-discipline, understand psychology, emotional intelligence, and much more.

2. team building

Do you have to build your team, from scratch? Alone? Or maybe you want to grow your existing team with completely different profiles and you are afraid to lose the great connection you have with the existing team members? Then my Sales Friend, this sector is the right one for you. Study and master the art of leadership and be able to build your own sales team of sales bosses, willing to follow you in every single battle you want to fight to grow your company. Meet you inside.

3. team leading & coaching

Okay, I see. You have already a team. But you need a change. Maybe a turn-around, maybe to implement a whole new sales process, or to communicate not-so-pleasant news. Sleepless nights? Better use your time wisely and take the first step and accept your new challenge like a pro. Discover our tips and insights to lead your team through challenging times provide top-notch coaching and grow in a personal and professional way with your team and get the next promotion and all the recognition you truly deserve.

Don’t Worry About Failures, Worry About The Chances You Miss When You Don’t Even Try.

Jack Canfield

What You Will Achieve

...if you are doing our Sales Workout training (sorry, but we can't do the pushups for you).


Develop unstoppable self-confidence and resilience so you can face your difficult tasks head-on and can overcome roadblocks and fear of failure.


Develop an attractive personality, stop chasing prospective clients and instead let them ask you for appointments, and less stress and more fun at work.


Become the expert in your business and instantly position yourself as a trustworthy and respected personality and increase your conversion rate.

Sales Psychology

Understand all requirements to be able to successfully master the whole sales cycle completely remotely, even as a non-native English speaker.

High-Ticket Closing

Use what you've learned before, overcome the fear of price negotiations at the C-level and failure, become a top earner, and gain back control of your life.


Build on what you have learned and discover proven techniques of team building and team leadership to ensure that you achieve the corporate goals.

What Our Clients Say

"Thanks to the techniques he taught me, I have become more confident in meetings, I have more trust in my improved sales skills, and I'm thrilled to see my increasing conversion rate. Ask for the 1 on 1 coaching!"

Paul Simons

“I thought I was a sales pro until I went through the Sales Boss Gym training. In short, after only 2 months, I got a new position in a faster-growing company as a senior sales executive. Looking back, it was the best investment of my professional career.”

July Graham

“For me as head of the sales team (17 salespeople), leadership coaching was the key point. For the first time, we have achieved all relevant KPIs as a team, and I can finally enjoy the weekends with my family again without being stressed.”

Michael S.

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