This is the place to rest from Training and get to know each other a little better. Nice to meet you, my ambitious Sales Friend!

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Dear sales fanatic, dear business builder,

Yes, I know this site is called ABOUT US, but anyone who has made it to this site should have checked that it's not ABOUT US in the first place, it's ABOUT YOU. Who do you think we're laying stuff for here? To celebrate ourselves? Of course not, okay, maybe a little, but later, and out of the public eye.

Listen, this is all about you, getting f**ing (freaking) more sales, about closing more deals, whether as a sales agent, consultant, entrepreneur, or executive. And within the next 45 days at the latest. But you can also give yourself more time. Here in the Sales BOSS Gym, YOU can put together your own training plan for you or your sales team. Claro, if you have any questions or are not sure, then book a FREE Strategy Call and we will develop your own sales training plan together, according to your needs and wishes. I think, that with 15 years of sales experience, mentoring, and coaching, we can do that quite well. Damn it, I'm talking about us now again.

Anyway, if you really ask that nicely and want to know more about us... look further down on this page, there is more, also about me, the founder Matthias. Nice to meet you.

The short version is that I founded Sales BOSS Gym because I was getting stomach aches because over the years I had to watch over and over again how salespeople started with potential and ambition, throwing in the towel just after a few months or at the latest after 18 months.

Was it just the young and inexperienced rookies and junior sales agents? No! Was it only the introverts or only males, only females, only non-English native speakers? No! At first glance, you couldn't see anything in common. That didn't make any sense at all. Just to clarify again, about the guys who haven't been willing to do the hard work and at least follow the sales basics in B2B, we won't waste a word about those guys here. We're only talking about people who have the drive and ambition to make it in the B2B Sales SaaS business but have failed.

But why didn't the shockingly large majority of these courageous salespeople make it? Think about it. What if it wasn't necessarily their fault most of the time?

Why are successful Senior Sales Experts also affected? If you are one of them, then you can certainly attest to that. It can be observed again and again that these pros get stuck at a certain sales limit, hit their own glass ceiling, so to speak, and do not manage to exceed their sales. After a certain time, frustration kicks in, and the motivation is only subdued. A new challenge is sought in another SaaS company.

Wow, in any case, the damage to the B2B SaaS companies is immense. The high fluctuation in sales, all the time that companies invest into recruiting and then into onboarding, yes, it can quickly cost you a few hundred thousand dollars. You don't have to be a genius to know that this money would certainly be useful in marketing or in product development.

The main reasons for failure or for not achieving the goals are mainly in two areas. On the one hand in the overall approach to the sales process, and on the other hand in your own mindset. Studies, analytics, and our own experiences and interviews have proven this again and again. And that's exactly why it doesn't work, no matter how good your sales pitch or sales script may be. You're welcome to have my sales script there, word for word, which I've used to close damn cold calls and continue to do. But that alone won't really help you. Because what works for me may not work for you. Of course, there are golden rules and little-known tricks. What I'm saying is that B2B sales is complex.

I always say to my mentees and coachees, imagine your B2B sales system is like a gearbox. your transmission. You can't just take gear out and put one of mine in. It will only rattle, but you will not make good progress with it. But what we can do together is that we show you which task and which place the gears should have in your gearbox so that they serve you perfectly and get you ahead faster.

Or we can easily make the comparison with a real gym again. Your fitness program, what you need, is tailored to your needs and goals. That's why my exercises, just like I do them, will not automatically bring you the same success. Unless you do one thing! You adapt it to your program. Your style, your type. Yes, easier said than done. If it were that easy, everyone would be able to do it and achieve perfect results and success. What now?

Guess what?! That's why there are coaches and trainers! Do you think a top athlete doesn't know how to train? Of course, he knows that. BUT an outside expert can see exactly where the professional still has potential, where he can still improve his skills and thus achieve his goals. Especially with already extremely successful athletes or business people, often only a small fine-tuning helps, but a change in the system that is all the more important, and it breaks through the glass ceiling, the invisible ropes that were holding them back from your next level and success.

Also very important:

You don't achieve top performance through training alone. Not just with weights in the gym, not just with sales practices in the sales business. You can achieve top performance if you also have the right mindset. The competitions are won in the mind. The toughest deals are won in your head. Before, before you finally get the signature and you can enjoy all the honors and big money.

That is why we have developed this holistic sales training here in the Sales Boss Gym, which not only helps the salespeople and consultants and everyone else in the tough B2B SaaS business with clearly defined and proven sales techniques to more sales but also helps entrepreneurs and executives with their own to overcome unconscious blockages and limits in order to achieve your next bigger sales goals!

Just as you cannot separate body and mind, you cannot separate sales techniques from the mindset either. They form one unit.

matthias kaufhold

Are you serious?

Still here checking out that dose of sales info? Respect! You seem really serious about this. So, you are qualified. As promised earlier on this page, you remember, you can learn more about me, the founder of the Sales Boss Gym, and get to know him a little. I always like to know whom I'm actually talking to. Then I instinctively ask myself if I'm on the same page with the person. Whether we share the same views and values, in the end, whether I can not only learn or share something from the other person but whether I can also trust them and also have FUN spending more of my valuable time with this person. You don't need to rush anything. You don't have to go out for a Friday night dinner. But what about a virtual coffee, from business person to business person? Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

See How Easily You Can 3X Your Sales In The Next 45 Days. Book A FREE Call!

Anna & Matthias Kaufhold

Hi there! Yes, we really exist. Yes, we are humans.

founder & ceo at sales Boss Gym

It was a bumpy way back when I started in sales as a shy 19-year-old boy.

But wait, woooo. Not that fast. I almost forgot my good education and etiquette. Yes, you are right. It’s not me on the left, the naturally attention-grabbing beauty. No need to feel bad. Yeah, it’s me on the right side, Matthias Kaufhold. And it’s my honor to proudly present Anna, my spouse, and my best partner and support. Not only have we built our dream business, but before that, we have built our dream life together, here, on the Mediterranean Sea, the first line of the beach in sunny Spain, where we have been living for almost 15 years.

While she is the HR expert, and amazing in recruiting and team building, my passion is sales, now, after 20 years in sales, I'm successfully closing complex 5- and 6-figure deals on a global scale in the B2B SaaS business at the c-level and I’m already training and coaching sales agents and executives.

B2B Sales, is it easy? Hell no! Do I know everything now? Of course not! But I wish I had access to the expert knowledge 20 years ago (okay, please, at least 10 years), these golden nuggets I'm happy to share with you here. This is well-kept knowledge that will save you many months or even years of painful try & error.

B2B SaaS Sales is the Champions League and I want to see you dancing on the top. So, join our Sales Boss Gym as often as you want and flex your Sales Muscles to 10x your closing rates confidently dominating your sales business!

PS: if you want to learn more about how we can support you or your sales team, just contact us :-)

Well, the moment has come. The moment to make a Big Decision.

Honestly, if you've made it this far down the page (haha, without cheating and skipping content, of course) then we are already kinda freakin' you. We would love to know more about you. You decide.

Choose blue if you do NOT want further contact. Everything remains as it is. No hard feelings. We will continue to greet you.

Choose red (hey wait, but RED is dangerous, no? no, not with us) and we have a chance to grow together and help you achieve your big goals. Take a big part of your load off your shoulders. That's what Partners are for.
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