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Get access to the 3 proven 4S-Growth Systems, so that you can 2x your high-ticket B2B SaaS Sales and lead your B2B SaaS Company to the next level while growing personally becoming the charismatic top achiever, without feeling overwhelmed or wasting time. Guaranteed.

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Yes, sales is hard!

Okay. Yes, I know. Sales is hard, and not for everyone. And yes, B2B SaaS sales is even harder. And selling complex products or services completely remotely, yes, that's the Champions League. And closing 5, 6, or even 7-figure deals and growing your business, that's something for real sales bosses.

Yes, you’re right. You probably have completely different concerns at the moment. For example, ‘How to find the best clients in my niche? How to convince the decision-makers to sign the big deal I absolutely need? Or as a responsible for sales, you truly worry about ‘How can my salespeople pass the gatekeeper with ease and much more confidence? How to reduce the churn rate of B2B SaaS salespeople?’

Yes, I know. Sleepless nights suck.  But what if we could stop it and break free? How amazing would you feel, if you could end this nightmare, the headache, and stomach pain? ‘How can my salespeople pass the gatekeeper with ease and much more confidence to close more deals? How to reduce the churn rate of B2B SaaS salespeople?’

Guess what? It’s closer than you think. Let’s find it out below. (Spoiler alert: no quantum-jumping needed)

‘Hey Matthias, but what are my options?’

Sure, of course. As a sales pro, you can ask your experienced colleagues for advice. As a business leader, you can ask your executives. But wait. Do you really believe that they will share their badass secret hacks and tricks? Maybe, maybe not. You never know. But it doesn’t even matter. You still get only the information you have inside your company already. Nothing new. Nothing else to grow your business.


Do I have a choice?

And by the way, how will you feel, looking desperately for internal help when it comes to your core competence? Exactly. And this is one of the most common reasons for getting stuck as a top performer and business leader, ending in the ‘Nomansland’. A dark and very lonely place. Trust me, I know it, I was there, not funny.

Hey, no reason to bury your head in the sand.
Bear with me. We'll get to the solution to your problem in a bit. And I'm going to keep it really simple. But first, we need to put all our cards on the table and look at your options. Okay, what are your possibilities in general to grow your sales? 

Maybe you are looking for the perfect answer to your hair-on-fire questions in outdated sales blogs. Maybe you consume meaningless training videos. Hoping to be lucky to find the perfect piece of the puzzle that you need right now to achieve your next milestone.

Good luck my business friend. You will run out of time very fast. Why?

Maybe you are looking for the perfect answer to your hair-on-fire questions in outdated sales blogs. Maybe you consume meaningless training videos. Hoping to be lucky to find the perfect piece of the puzzle that you need right now to achieve your next milestone.

Good luck my business friend. You will run out of time very fast. Why?

Information overload and contradictory information (the cause) lead to confusion (the symptoms) and will leave you paralyzed and stuck (your pain). And the cost of inaction is very high. And not taking any decision is also a decision. Do you see? You cannot escape your responsibility!

Let’s face the facts. Nobody has closed a single deal or grown their company just by watching motivational sales videos and reading business blogs! Sorry, you can't get muscles from watching fitness videos either. The only way to build muscles (AKA necessary skills) and get rid of fat (AKA what’s holding you back) is through action. Your body is your responsibility. And here, your mind is your responsibility, and your bank account reflects the amount of your actions you took in the past. Honest and consistent success comes through effort, not rambling.

Guess what again? Having options is a good thing. Having a choice is even better. But unfortunately, this is completely worthless. Unless you take this one step. Now.

‘Hey Matthias, but what is that next step?’


Taking action is a choice!

Turn your back on fear! Taking action is not only the right decision but also proof that you take full ownership and act like a leader, like a real boss. And the best is, taking action is also the best way to overcome fear and resistance! Previously we talked about the cost of inaction. Now we will talk about the rewards of taking action.

Still here with me in the Sales Boss Gym? Congratulations! You have made your first decision here! You want to change something, something fundamental, for you, your sales team, or your company. That's why you're here. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here with me in the sales gym. Keep reading and discover the new way to grow your sales and business, for Whom and How it works.

Listen, nobody has grown their business alone, based and related just on the limited internal knowledge within the company. Don’t get me wrong. I love for myself to figure things out, really difficult stuff. And I’m good at that. But I was also really good at losing and wasting my time. More time than I’ve had. And yes, this was one of the main reasons I lost my first SaaS startup many years ago. Asking too late for expert advice. Inviting too late highly skilled business partners to join my company to grow my business. So, I was there, I went through all the struggle, confusion, and pain myself. Not fun at all.

Then let's tackle it together. You're not alone. Let’s join, partner, and outgrow your competition together. How? That’s exactly what I am showing you right now below, your Solution, your escape plan.

Are you sick of feeling sick?

So, you finally want to experience lasting, great success yourself. But you don't know exactly how the Sales Boss Gym can best help you right now? No problem!

That's why we have a free strategy consultation for you. In private, and only for you. Because your situation, previous knowledge, and goals are individual. If you want to be outrageously successful, finally stop losing Deals and 2x your Sales, for you or your sales team? In the next 90 days? Backed with a Guarantee? Hit the button now! (Free Spots are limited to 5 per Month)

Again, to achieve your sales goals and grow your business, you must take action and change something. Because otherwise, you would have reached your goals already. And only action and change are leading to your desired outcome. How? That’s what we talk about below.

Every marketing guru or agency and old-school sales trainer claims to have the secret sauce to provide magically to your sales and business a ‘too-good-to-be-true overnight success’ solution.
And, I can’t believe it, but they’re right, twice. Yes, firstly, they have a secret sauce. But a sauce with no meat cannot feed your empty pipeline. Your business will still suffer from hunger and be desperate for more high-ticket sales.
And secondly, their promises are indeed too good to be true.


This is how you succeed!

See, it’s not your fault. It’s human nature to look for a shortcut, for the magic pill or the hot button which beams our business straight to ‘Dreamlandia’. Honestly, I was guilty, too. But no more shiny-object syndrome. I’m cured.

How? Hard work, massive action, precise execution, and patience are necessary. But don’t worry. I’m not special, not smarter than you.

But I’ve changed something fundamentally. I’ve invested heavily in myself and my business.  I’ve learned from the best, from well-known coaches and experts in their niche, joining private masterminds of like-minded 6 and 7-figure digital business owners and executive coaches (don’t take my word alone, see some of my certifications and awards below or on LinkedIn).

After identifying and analyzing the 2+1 single most important and hair-on-fire problems of ambitious B2B SaaS companies, B2B SaaS sales reps: hitting the glass ceiling, and being unable to grow, what did I do next?

First, I remembered, that any change starts with a mind shift. Listen, we cannot solve any burning problem and break free, without switching from ‘victim-mode’ to boss-mode’, aka solution-oriented. We must first change our perspective, our focus, and where we put our energy.

Then, I hid in my business base for 6 months to develop and test the following ideal solutions for the newly identified 3 problems we just talked about. Lesson learned: it’s not a money problem, it’s not a time problem, it’s a growth problem.

Below are the Growth Solutions for the 3 main areas of any ambitious B2B SaaS salespeople and companies, that want to know how to get more B2B SaaS sales or how to grow any B2B SaaS business while at the same time learning how to get more self-confidence as a business leader or how to become more charismatic as a high-achiever.

The 3x Growth Programs

Entrepreneurs, Chief Executives, and B2B Sales Pros!

Pic your perfect Sales Boss Gym Growth Solution or combine them, so that you stop losing deals and 2x your Sales Results in the next 90 days, guaranteed, without spending any additional dime on marketing or feeling overwhelmed and insecure.

Sales Growth

If you struggle with sales growth, then, for your sales team or yourself as a sales pro, the 7-step ’B2B SaaS Sales Boss Mastery’ program is a proven holistic B2B sales training and coaching program that is exactly what solves your problem. It covers the full and complex sales cycle of high-ticket digital sales, leaving no stone unturned and not hiding back any of my persuasion and closing secrets. 

Thanks to this solution, you or your salespeople can 2x the sales results in the next 90 days, guaranteed, without feeling overwhelmed or salesy ever again, while having fun and living a fulfilled life with more freedom. 



The 4-Step ‘B2B SaaS Sales Boss Mastery’ Program

(B2B SaaS, AI, And Any Other Digital Products And Online Services)

Tested and Approved


Cold Calls


Outbound Deals


Years in Sales

The Easy 4-Step Proven Sales System from over 10,000 Cold Calls and closing $6-figure Multi-Country Deals with international stakeholders, from pure cold calling

Step 01

Analyzing your current sales strategy and sales calls to fix the issues to get a rock-solid sales system that generates sales consistently.
This will stop you from leaving money on the table.

Step 02

Rolling out your customized sales scripts to get instant authority and expert status.
That alone will boost your business to the next sales stage.

Step 03

Learning the best-kept sales secrets of the 3% to close 6-figure deals completely remotely on a global scale.
Using proven NLP techniques for B2B high-ticket sales is your unfair advantage.

Step 04

Sales Training and support to practice and improve conversion rate to 2x the sales in the next 90 days or less, guaranteed.

"Okay, you got my attention. Show me now the details about the ‘B2B SaaS Sales Boss Mastery’ program.

I want to read more about it!"

Business Growth

If you struggle with business growth, then, for you as a business owner or leader, the ‘7NL SaaS Growth System’, is a framework that ensures solid business growth without spending any extra dime on advertising (of course, you can do so).

It is the only proven growth system for B2B companies, selling SaaS, AI, or any other digital products and services like yours. 

It combines perfectly the evergreen business fundamentals with NLP for sales and business growth so that you get all your marketing and sales issues fixed to 2x your business growth, even as a startup, without feeling overwhelmed or confused anymore.

All that, thanks to my unique Growth Partnership, so that you not only get me to personally work for your business but also in your business, without the risk, cost, and bureaucracy of hiring another senior executive or an internal sales trainer as an employee.


The New And Better Model Of Growing a Business

The ‘7M SaaS Growth System’ System

(B2B SaaS, AI, And Any Other Digital Products And Online Services)

Tested and Approved


Cold Calls


Outbound Deals


Years in Sales

The little-known 4-step Business Growth System from the Top 3% used to generate 7-figure months in Revenue (exclusively for SaaS Companies)!

Step 01

Analyzing your current company growth strategy for sales & marketing to fix the issues to get an unshakeable basis. This will stop you from falling behind your competitors.

Step 02

Crafting your customized growth plan to ensure long-term business growth and niche domination.
That alone will guide your business to the next growth stage.

Step 03

Installing my proven ‘7NL SaaS Growth System’ tailored to your needs to increase your revenue exponentially without spending more on advertising or wasting unnecessary time of the managers and sales reps.

Step 04

Observing your KPIs and exceeding your targets without just working harder. We control your company’s growth month after month so that success becomes your new standard and people love to work with and in your company.

"Okay, you got my attention. Show me now the details about the ‘7M SaaS Growth System’ system.

I want to read more about it!"

Personal Growth

Good is just not good enough for you? You are a high achiever but you want to become an elite performer and experience unlimited freedom in all of the 3 big areas of life?
What I’m willing to unveil for you is not for everybody. It requires strict discipline and a strong will to succeed. So, do yourself a favor and read carefully the next paragraph before skipping to the end to see the solution.
Listen, you can grow your sales or your company only so far and fast as you are able and willing to grow as well, as a person.
Question: What’s really necessary to operate at the highest level and still be willing to improve, to outperform the competition? Answer: Clarity and certainty. 

And are both built on self-confidence. No sales or business competence without self-confidence. 

It’s the single most important reason why high achievers get stuck and lost.
That’s why I’ve created this elite solution, the ‘NLP Instant Boss-Confidence” program. Let’s fight against burnout, uncertainty, and sleepless nights. In addition, and you know it, on the top it can be a very lonely place. But it has not to be so. And this does not mean that you have to climb the mountain alone either.
And the best thing is that you will automatically become also more self-confident and attractive in your personal life so that you will enjoy your life with more ease and freedom, better relationships, and better health.
Does "You can't have it all" sound like an excuse to you too? Perfecto. Then you are more than ready to experience the real life that has been waiting for you for so long. It’s closer than you think.


The New And Better Methodology Of Overcoming Fears, Worries, And Limiting Beliefs

The ‘NLP Instant Boss-Confidence’ Program

scientifically tested and proven, based on NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Tested and Approved

10+ years

Coaching & Mentoring


Certifications & Accredited

20+ years

Executive & Entrepreneur

The unique 4-step NLP System for Instant Self-Confidence in any challenging and unexpected Situation (for Top Performers)!

Step 01

The holistic approach to discovering the affected areas in life and targeted strengthening of self-confidence. Prerequisite for clarity, ease, ability to make the right decisions, and regain control over your life.

Step 02

Crafting your customized ‘Confidence to Success’ blueprint to get instant confidence and Boss status.
That will transform your life, with all clarity, certainty, and much more freedom.

Step 03

Applying the scientifically proven NLP Techniques and Methodologies to experience in real-time a boost of self-confidence and clarity that will stay and last and become the charismatic in the room. 

Step 04

Effective NLP Training and support to practice and improve your newly acquired skills to get unshakeable confidence and clarity, becoming your magnetic new self, without wasting any of your precious time. 

"Okay, you got my attention. Show me now the details about the ‘NLP Instant Boss-Confidence’ program.

I want to read more about it!"


Who is the Sales Boss Gym for?

So, you’re struggling with hitting your sales target, getting the company to the next growth stage, or any other meaningful goal in your personal or business life. You just can’t break through your glass ceiling, even when you’re well-known for your excellent work ethic, discipline, and sharp mind.

Good news: It’s not your fault. And by now, you learned about the solution. And you know, that’s exactly why I’ve founded the Sales Boss Gym. Listen, but that does not mean it’s for everybody. I respect your time, and mine too. You should know for sure whether the Sales Boss Gym is the perfect match if you have gone through the above content with me

Still not sure if this is the right place for you?

Do not read any further. Do not click on the button to get inside and all the details, only if you have qualified here beforehand in your applicable area.
Take the quick assessment below, in the respective segment, to get instant access.
Sales  Pros

Do you want to know how to close more B2B SaaS sales? Tired of the rejections and sales pressure? Running out of excuses for your empty pipeline? Either you can continue to search the depths of the internet for your solution alone or let me 2x your sales in the next 90 days, guaranteed, and make more money! Imagine earning big commissions, respect, and recognition, or a sweet career boost. How does this sound to you? Let’s make it real.

“…Sales coaching was the number one priority among sales teams…”, 2021 research from Revenue.io

This is not for everyone, and being ambitious is sadly not enough. Check below if you’re qualified!

Qualification Check: Sales Pros:
  • I want to close more high-ticket Deals
  • I want to make at least 6-Figures 
  • I want more Self-Confidence
  • I want less Stress and more Freedom
  • I sell Software, AI, or other digital Products 
  • I'm 100% committed to invest Time, Energy

(hit the Button to get inside the exclusive Sales Pro area)

Sales Teams

So, you’re responsible for sales with at least 5 or 10 full-time sales reps. And you do care. But it seems impossible to grow your sales to the next stage. And you’re tired of the frustration, seeing your beloved salespeople suffer, of all the meaningless sales team meetings. Tired of the same questions like, “Why are the sales targets not being achieved? Why aren't there more cold calls? Why was another important deal lost to the competition?” Stop this painful nightmare. Together. Allow me to train your sales team to 2x your sales in the next 90 days, guaranteed. I do the work; you get the laurels. Now it’s on you. How much do you really care? Let’s find it out

“…96% of respondents either agreed or strongly agreed that effective sales coaching positively impacted their salespeople’s performance…”, 2021 survey from Revenue.io

This is not for any sales team, and to be ambitious is sadly not enough. Check below if you and your sales team is qualified!

Qualification Check: Sales Teams:
  • We want to close more high-ticket deals
  • We want to overachieve Sales Targets 
  • We have at least 5 Salespeople
  • We want to reduce EE turnover
  • We sell Software, AI, other digital Products
  • We're 100% committed

(hit the Button to get inside the exclusive Sales Pro area)

B2B Companies

For B2B online companies selling software, AI, or other digital products and services that have tried everything to fix their sales funnels and push the sales team to achieve the sales goals.
You are responsible for the company which makes currently at least $2-3M in revenue, and now hitting the glass ceiling. Unable to break through. All the great tactics and strategies do not work anymore. Throwing endless cash into the marketing machine is not an option. You’re still dead serious about entering the next growth stage and smart enough not to lose more time relying just on internal resources and knowledge. Does that sound familiar? Great.
But before straight clicking the button below to get me on a casual business call, please go through the quick qualification, because your and my time is very valuable.

“Growing your business faster than any other company means quantum growth. Now let’s craft your tailored Growth Plan”, Matthias Kaufhold, Business Sales and NLP coach, founder SalesBossGym.com

This is not for any wanna-be and hyped start-up. And to be an ambitious and growing company is sadly not enough. Check below if yours’ is qualified!

Qualification Check: Companies:
  • We want to increase revenue by 60%+
  • We want to overachieve Sales Targets 
  • We want to improve our MKT messaging
  • We want to improve our Sales Funnels
  • We sell Software, AI, other digital Products
  • ...and we're 100% committed

(hit the Button to get inside the exclusive Sales Pro area)

Business Leaders 

OK, you're a chief executive in a corporation, or an entrepreneur leading your own company. So, you’re a high-performer, making at least $250K net base salary/income, and hungry for more. Because you love to master challenges and grow professionally and personally.
And you want to reach your goals fast because you’re ahead of the 93% understanding already that your time is more worth than money. So, our goal is to get you more time. How? Less confusion, more clarity. Less stress, more health, more freedom.

“…66% of Chief Executives don’t have Coaches…, …2 of 5 Executives lose their Jobs within their first 18 months. And Google has identified this gap as one of the most important needs in this business.”, from ‘Coaching Businesses’, by my coach Ajit Nawalkha

Everybody wants to get Boss level status in all 3 important areas of life. But to be ambitious is sadly not enough. Check below if you’re qualified!

Qualification Check: Business Leaders
  • I want full Clarity for decision-making
  • I want to get rid of Over-Thinking 
  • I want unshakeable Self-Confidence
  • I want less Stress and more Freedom
  • I'm in the SaaS, AI, or other digital Business
  • ...and I'm 100% committed

(hit the Button to get inside the exclusive Sales Pro area)

I believe that every great goal can be achieved by breaking it down into smaller, smart, and actionable sub-goals. Then, those smaller goals are ruled out in a specific and previously tested order with a realistic timeline attached.


How to grow in the Sales Boss Gym

Here in the Sales Boss Gym, we have 3 main Training Areas, accessible mainly duo the main menu in the header section on the very top:

  1. Products (aka the Workout Zone)
  2. Services (aka the Personal Trainer)
  3. Blog (aka free quick Training Sessions)

More details in a second. And again, here it’s all about Growth. Sales Growth, Business Growth, and Personal Growth. Whether you’re here to train your skills or expand your knowledge to become the best version of yourself, this works even for beginners.

You, my ambitious sales friend, decide how much of your time and effort you can and want to invest to reach your next stage, in sales, business, or personal development.

The good thing is, you will see your progress right from the start. It does not take endless weeks or months of hard work and hustling to experience your first big improvements and success. All 3 training areas are designed to enable you to progress very quickly.

Now it’s your turn.

What motivates you and makes success fun? Read on and see what options are made just for you and match your growth strategy.

If You Fail to Plan, You Are Planning to Fail

Benjamin Franklin

1.) Workout Zone

In this first area, under the Products heading in the main menu of the Sales Boss Gym website, you can tailor your training to your requirements, availability, and current situation. This is the DFY (done-for-you) training room. This is for you if you’re serious about growing and going deep into extensive training sessions like a boss, even as a beginner.

Decide which of the available training sessions you need most right now. Everything you need to master high-ticket sales, get instant boss-level confidence or grow your sales team and business, is laid out for you. It’s like being a 4-year-old again, alone in a candy store (without experiencing the negativity of overeating and white sugar consumption).

And don’t forget to bring your towel. You'll sweat while exercising. If you’re not willing to invest at least 20 or 30 minutes in yourself and do some serious exercises, please do yourself a favor and do not even think about entering this pro area. Instead, the quick workouts under the Blog page are might right for you to start and warm up.

If you really put your mind to it, you have to train like a boss to become the sales boss already inside you, that just needs to be freed and trained a bit. Trust me. But above all, trust yourself.

2.) Personal Trainer

In the second area, on the Services page, you will find the elite support I offer to You, your Sales Team, or your Business, as your personal trainer or growth partner. This is the DWY (done-with-you) area.

This is for ambitious business leaders and busy senior executives, who want to get extraordinary results fast, without spending not 1 minute more as absolutely necessary to get their results as fast as and as planned, guaranteed.

Planning. Executing. Succeeding, together.

The applause will be for sure, and be yours. I do the heavy lifting and time-consuming work, you earn the laurels (no need to feel bad for me, in the end, it’s a perfect win-win for us, you will see).
Find out how you can achieve your next milestones by following the step-by-step and battle-proof blueprint tailored to your desired outcome, faster than you ever thought it could be possible. Please understand, that spots for personal services for individuals or corporations are limited.

3.) Growth Supplements

In the third area, on the Blog page, you find quick but very specific and quick workout sessions. Are you desperately looking for a new pitch for your upcoming sales presentation? That’s your place. Do you need fresh expert insight for a new team-building strategy? You’re covert. Works for all levels, even as a beginner. The sessions are all related to B2B High-Ticket Sales, SaaS Business Growth, or Personal Development for high-achievers. It’s like getting the exact prescription, vitamin, or supplement you need right now to get your question answered to achieve your next task or goal.

You see, it’s so easy and simple. Just enter the Blog area and search for concrete content or just browse around for the latest short workout sessions, aka blog posts, to develop your skills and knowledge even further. In this way, you can close more deals, lead your sales team to their best results, grow your business or as a person. And as a result, you have more freedom, time, and money, without feeling stressed or risking your social life anymore.

What You Get In Your FREE Strategy Call

Until now, the only solution you’re left with is doing what you always do. Unfortunately, this means facing the same problems and getting the same average results over and over again. Guaranteed.

This is what we call the ‘hope-strategy’.

 Instead, make a shift in the right direction. Take the burden off your shoulders and stop believing you must all figure it out yourself.

Instead, choose a partner who walked this way before.
Good decision. Then click below and book a casual business call with me. We will craft your ready-to-use blueprint. As long as you don’t see a price tag here, you can get this 1-on-1 Session for free.

Results we want to achieve for you:
  • 1.) Status Quo. Get the best possible start from your current situation. First Result: Get Clarity!
  • 2.) Mindset. Expanding your level of trust in yourself. Second Result: Get Confidence!
  • 3.) Planning. Setting up your workweek for success. Third Result: Get Structure!
  • 4.) Goals. Discuss your goals and set priorities. Fourth Result: Get Focus!
  • 5.) Roadblocks. Identifying your challenges. Fifth Result: Get Control!
  • 6.) Strategy. Creating your personal strategy to succeed. Sixth Result: Get Results!

Step 1

Schedule your FREE 1 Hour Strategy Call with us.

Step 2

Get a Deep Dive and an Analysis of your 

Current Situation.

Step 3

You will walk out of the Call 

with your Step by Step Guide.

How does it work?

"Okay, I got it. A Free Coaching just for me? Yes, this is a no-brainer. I’m in. What’s next?"

Perfecto! Just hit the button and you will be transferred to schedule an appointment. Choose a free date that suits you best and block 1 hour. Then you will get an email to confirm your attendance (my new business friends get a kind request for their email account, for safety and data security reasons).

Next, prepare some questions and points you want to have my support for during the free and casual Coaching Session. 

And last, before starting, be excited, be on time, have your favorite coffee ready, and log in via the personal invitation link in the email.

For any questions, please feel free and very welcomed to contact me and send me a message at matthias@SalesBossGym.com

What you don’t get from me:

Your FREE Strategy Calls is not a sales call. I believe in delivering value and long-term Success and hate fake gurus pushing their wannabe knowledge bombs and wasting your time. Your time is valuable, and mine too.

What you do get from me:

After our call, you will walk out with a clear Step-By-Step Blueprint, easy to follow. What you will do next and IF and HOW you want to benefit from my expertise, you are completely free to decide later on.
The free strategy call is like just getting to know each other to see if we would like to grow your business together while having fun and getting the results faster than if you were trying it alone.

Ready to become a part of the new Community of like-minded High-Achievers?

Great, send us your contact data to allow us to support you with FREE Sales Content, latest Tips & Strategies.

Facts Don't Lie


What are these numbers telling you?

Customers served! 0  percent Higher success rate of Sales Reps, using Social Media
Customers served! 0  percent of successful B2B Companies using Sales Training Tools
Customers served! 0 percent higher Success Rate of Sales Agents, having a clear Sales Strategy
We've already talked about it. Again, we both agree that our time is worth a lot. So let's save some of it.
Below you can find the most frequent questions of like-minded ambitious people before they started.
Click on the respective question to get the appropriate answer!


All you need to know to get started

You ask - I answer

Who is the Sales Boss Gym for?

The Sales Boss Gym is for ambitious B2B SaaS Sales Pros and Sales Teams, corporate Chief Executives, Entrepreneurs, and other High-Achievers who want to grow as a professional their sales or company to make more money, and at the same time, to grow as a person, so that they get more confidence and freedom, without feeling overwhelmed or stuck anymore.

What does the Sales Boss Gym do for me?

Here in the Sales Boss Gym you can improve and grow your skills and knowledge to master the following 3 crucial Areas, that massively affect positively your whole life:
1.Sales Growth
2.Business Growth
3.Personal Growth

The newly acquired skills and knowledge result in a boost of self-confidence which leads to more clarity, better decision-making, and less stress in sales, business, and your personal life.

What’s the difference between the Sales Boss Gym vs. Sales Trainers, Marketing Agencies, and Business Consultants?

Other B2B Sales trainers, marketing agencies, and business consultants are focusing only on one specific area in a company. They teach sales, sell leads, or offer business consultancy. And not especially for SaaS and Digital Service businesses. And the critical individual support and guidance for the chief executives during their business transformation is not a part of their offer.

In difference, here in the Sales Boss Gym, if you want the full package for full growth, you can get highly specialized B2B SaaS Sales training, getting a proven business growth system, while the chief executives and sales pros as the pillars of your company benefit from personal guidance and coaching to ensure the company’s transformation as fast and with the results as planned.

What’s my investment?

You have 3 ways to invest and profit from the Sales Boss Gym, and 1 of them is optional. Firstly, you must invest your time. Secondly your energy and will to succeed, to get the results you’re aiming for, using all my free workouts and other resources. And the third way, which is optional, is investing money in your development using the premium and paid products and services of the Sales Boss Gym to maximize your desired outcome and return on investment, as fast as possible. Your investment depends on your desired and needed support, and for corporations, also on the number of their participants.

How fast can I get my Return On My Investment?

This depends on various and some crucial factors I can’t control, e.g. how committed and willing you are to follow the customized step-by-step blueprint you get in the onboarding call. But anyway, if you’re full in, my guarantee will secure your ROI, all within 90 days or less.

How does your Guarantee work?

If you have followed the customized action plan you get on your onboarding call and do not see at least 2x your sales within 90 days or reach the agreed and desired business growth for your company within an agreed time, then I will work for free for you until get the exact desired and agreed result. In other words, it’s a 100% Secured Satisfaction Guarantee. A no-brainer and risk-free ‘impossible-to-lose’ opportunity.

And now you understand even better, why we will have some calls before to know each other and to see if we are a great fit. Spots are limited, success is not.

How can I be sure that this will work for me?

As you have probably already read above, there are already some initial answers to this very question. Which area is right for you? Sales growth, business growth, or personal growth? Or better the complete package for elite results? Choose what best applies to you and right below you will find some qualification questions. All programs are developed in a way that they can easily adjusted to all levels, from ambitious beginners to experienced senior executives, without throwing your agenda out the window or taking up a lot of unnecessary time.

If you have any further questions, or you simply want to find out more about your exact options and next steps, then contact me by email or arrange a relaxed and non-binding conversation. Then we'll see what happens next. I pay for your coffee.

It's so easy. Say just 'yes, maybe'.

Just see it as a chance to save this opportunity without saying ‘Yes’ right now. You can make the final decision later anyway. So, it's like a 'yes, maybe'. I pay for your coffee.

Take action now. Impossible to fail! 

Hi, I'm Matthias, nice to meet you, my ambitious Business Friend!

founder & ceo at sales Boss Gym

Let’s get a little bit personal, at least myself, sharing more about myself and why it might be worth listening to what I’m sharing here, on LinkedIn, and shortly on YouTube as well.

Here’s the short version.

Hi, I'm Matthias Kaufhold, and trust me, I’ve been there. I went through the Death Valley, not once, but multiple times. Not because it was so beautiful there. I did it as a 19-year-old sales agent apprentice, as a senior sales executive in my 30ies, as a team leader, and as a SaaS business owner in my 40ies. I struggled, failed, went bankrupt, and lost my first company. Not funny at all. It took me years of full recovery. But. There is a 'but'.

But this is only half of my story. Did I quit? Hell no. No way. It’s over when I say it’s over. It’s over if I would quit. And I didn’t. I never will. It’s just not in my genes. Failing yes, quitting no.

Failing often and fast, standing up even faster and one more time is the recipe for any success.

Today, with more than 20 years in sales, with the experience of more than 10K cold calls, closing multiple high-ticket B2B SaaS sales, and working as an executive coach & business growth partner, life is much better. Do I still face challenges? Of course. Does it still suck when losing once in a while? Yes, but it does not hurt me, it does not distract me anymore. It’s just a part of the game. And I’ve surrounded myself with amazing experts in their niches. That’s the difference between before and after.

Do you want the secret ingredients of the recipe? Well, here it is.

Take a lot of faith (don't worry, you can't take too much of this), 3x your body weight of hard work (studying for the mind, weight-lifting for the body), a monk mode of discipline and endurance, and at last a truckload of coffee. Voilà.

Confused? Okay, I’ve translated all for you. You can find all the sales, business, and personal growth recipes on the other pages, translated into complete training sessions on the Products page, and quick supplements and vitamins on the Blog page. 

If that’s not enough about me, I guess it’s not, not enough to know me at least a little bit, then it’s definitely time to share the missing second part of my story, and why losing almost 2 teeth (I’m not talking about baby teeth here) was one of the best events in my life (at least when looking back).

Don't take my word for it.

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NLP Practitioner & NLP Master Practitioner

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