Train your Sales Muscles. close more Sales. make more money.

Here in the Sales Boss Gym, you as a SaaS Sales Agent or Company, Consultant, Entrepreneur, or Executive get access to our proven ‘Sales Boss Mastery’ process, so that you or your Sales Team can close more high-ticket B2B Sales and make more Money, even as a beginner.

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Yes, sales is hard

Okay. Yes, I know. Sales is tough. Not for everyone. And yes, B2B SaaS sales is even tougher. And selling complex products or services completely remotely, yes, that's the Champions League, closing 5, 6, or even 7-figure deals, ohhhyeaaaa, that's something for real sales bosses.

Sorry. You probably have completely different thoughts right now. For example, you're already thinking about how to find the best clients in your niche, that you absolutely need asap. Or how to pass the gatekeeper with ease, why does the prospect's CFO stop answering your calls? Why does the decision maker just can't get it, how your product or service can save his company a lot of money? Too bad. But what are your options?

Sure, of course, you can ask your more experienced colleagues for advice. Do you really believe that they tell you their badass sales tricks? Or even worse, what if you are the sales responsible? You cannot ask anybody for help in your company, at least not without writing your own Inability explanation and looking like a complete failure.


Do you have a choice?

Or maybe you are looking for the right blogs and videos in the depths of the internet and hoping to find the piece of the puzzle that you need next to be able to achieve your next success. Good luck my friend.

Of course, you can be lucky, and you won't lose that much time on your search. But what about next time? And that should be your best strategy? Sales is not luck and should not be treated like gambling.
Do you think that successful sales bosses would go ahead like that? Isn't there a smarter strategy that isn't totally ridiculous? Think about it, take responsibility, and act like a boss.

Nobody has closed a single deal only by watching motivational sales videos and reading sales quotes! Sorry, you can't get muscles from watching fitness videos either. The only way to build muscles and lose fat is through action. Your body is your responsibility. And here, your mind is your responsibility, and your bank account reflects the amount of your action you took. Honest and consistent success comes through effort, not rambling.


This is how to succeed

But you have already made a wise and first decision! You want to change something fundamental, for you or for your sales team. That's why you're here. That's why you keep reading here. Then let's tackle it together. You're not alone. Join us!

Would you like to finally and permanently experience great success yourself? But you don't know exactly how the Sales Boss Gym can best help you right now? No problem!

That's why we have a free strategy consultation for you. In private, and only for you. Because of your situation, previous knowledge and goals are individual. If you want to be successful, click here.

Who is the Sales Boss Gym for?

Sales  Agents

Tired of the Rejections and Sales Pressure? No more Excuses for your empty pipeline? Then you can continue to search the depths of the internet for your solution alone or connect with the concentrated power of the sales boss to finally be celebrated for your closed deals! 

Take matters into your own hands NOW and schedule a call with us. It's free, man!


Are you wondering where your new coaching or consulting client will come from, in the next 30 days? Tired of endlessly investing your money in useless marketing or falling for new internet gurus? Then we will finally free you from your never-ending nightmare and make sure that you only deal with ideal customers who need and want exactly your services. Stop worrying and schedule your strategy call with us, NOW!


OK, you left 9 to 5 with all your hopes and dreams to realize your project and found your own business. But, well, let´s be kind, it never took off or it did not generate the level of profit you need to grow or at least to be able to survive without eating only rice and pasta the whole month. At home. Without shrimps and extravagant toppings. Exactly, you want to enjoy the kind of lifestyle where you can easily go out to your favorite restaurants. Price is not on your list of interests. The Sales Boss Gym can help you. Let's put your business on the road to success. Schedule a call NOW!


You really don't have it easy. You've tried everything to push your sales team to achieve the set goals. They are non-negotiable. You are responsible.

Well, you can keep looking for great motivations and deepen your 1-on-1s, or you can bring us to your site, and we'll work together to help you finally reach your sales goals. Lasting. No BS, no sugar coating. You get the laurels.

So, don't waste any more time and make your appointment!

How to train and grow in the Sales Boss Gym?

We believe that every great goal can be achieved by breaking it down into smaller, smart, and logical sub-goals. These sub-goals are your guide. They are clear, measurable, and realistic. You see your progress right from the start. What motivates and makes success fun? Read on and see what options your best choice is, and how to make the best of your precious time.

If You Fail to Plan, You Are Planning to Fail

Benjamin Franklin

1.) Sales Workout Zone

Under the Products heading, you can tailor your training to your requirements, wishes, and current situation. Choose your own sales workout in the Sales Boss Gym. Decide which Skills you need to train most right now. The great thing about the Sales Boss Gym is that you can visit it whenever you want, and you can take as much time as you need and have. Our Sales Gym is open 24/7. And bring your towel. You'll sweat while exercising. If you really put your mind to it. You have to train like a boss to become the sales boss that is already inside you, who still needs to be freed and trained a bit. Trust us. But above all, trust yourself.

2.) Personal Sales Trainer

On the Services page, you will find your top support from your personal trainer, who will respond precisely to you and your current requirements and wishes. Get your individual strategy to reach your sales targets and the applause will be for sure. Find out how you can be successful by following the step-by-step battle-proof blueprint created just for you.

Will it be easy? No! This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. We need your commitment. But we can achieve your big goals because we break them down into realistic and logical small steps. Feasible and actionable. You don't get your six-pack in a week either. You can train as much as you want. But with dedication, will, persistence, and a clear plan, you will make it.

3.) Sales Supplements

Are you curious and want to beat your competition with absolute expert knowledge? Then discover rare wisdom from top performers and read the Blog posts and check out our free videos which tell you the sales secrets and help you advance. Form your sales mind and like a boss. Knowledge and skills form an unbeatable unit.

And best of all, well, your confidence will never fail you again in important calls or live presentations. Transform yourself into the sales boss you always wanted to be, who has actually always been in you, as a potential. No more sweating in the (home) office! It's time to make a decision.

What You Get In Your FREE 1 Hour Strategy Call

Until now, your strategy probably is doing what you always do. Unfortunately, this means facing the same problems and getting the same average results over and over again. Guaranteed. We call it ‘hope-strategy’. Take your success into your own hands and create a boss strategy. Good decision. Then click below and book a call where together we will look for the best tools and develop your strategy so that you really achieve your goals. 

Results we want to achieve for you:
  • 1.) Status Quo. Get the best possible start from your current situation. First Result: Get Clarity!
  • 2.) Mindset. Expanding your level of trust in yourself. Second Result: Get Confidence!
  • 3.) Planning. Setting up your workweek for success. Third Result: Get Structure!
  • 4.) Goals. Discuss your goals and set priorities. Fourth Result: Get Focus!
  • 5.) Roadblocks. Identifying your challenges. Fifth Result: Get Control!
  • 6.) Strategy. Creating your personal strategy to succeed. Sixth Result: Get Results! 

Step 1

Schedule your FREE 1 Hour Strategy Call with us.

Step 2

Get a Deep Dive and an Analysis of your 

Current Situation.

Step 3

You will walk out of the Call 

with your Step by Step Guide.

How does it work?

"Okay, I got it. A Free Coaching just for me, yes, this is a no-brainer. I’m in. What’s next?"

Perfecto! Just hit the button and you will be transferred to our Online Calendar. Choose a free Date that suits you best and block for 1 hour. Then you will get an email to confirm your Attendance (new sales bosses can get a kind request for their email account, for safety and data security reasons). Next, prepare some Questions and points you want to have our Support for during the FREE Coaching Session.

And at last, be excited, be on time, and lock in via the personal invitation link in the email.

Spoiler Alert:

Our FREE Strategy Calls are not sales calls. It is the 1st of our original 1 Hour Premium Coaching Sessions, free of charge. We believe in delivering value and long-term Success and hate fake gurus pushing their wannabe knowledge bombs, and wasting your time. Your time is valuable. Ours too. After our call, you will walk out with a clear Step-By-Step Blueprint, easy to follow. What you will do next and IF and HOW you want to benefit from our Expertise, you are completely free to decide later on.

Ready to become the next B2B Sales Boss in your business?

Great, send us your contact data to allow us to support you with FREE Sales Content, latest Tips & Strategies.

Facts Don't Lie


What are these numbers telling you?

Customers served! 0  percent Higher success rate of Sales Reps, using Social Media
Customers served! 0  percent of successful B2B Companies using Sales Training Tools
Customers served! 0 percent higher Success Rate of Sales Agents, having a clear Sales Strategy
Anna & Matthias Kaufhold

Hi there! Yes, we really exist. Yes, we are humans.

founder & ceo at sales Boss Gym

It was a bumpy way back when I started in sales as a shy 19-year-old boy.
But wait, woooo. Not that fast. I almost forgot my good education and etiquette. Yes, you are right. It’s not me on the left, the naturally attention-grabbing beauty. No need to feel bad. Yeah, it’s me on the right side, Matthias Kaufhold. And it’s my honor to proudly present Anna, my spouse, and my best partner and support. Not only have we built our dream business, but before that, we have built our dream life together, here, on the Mediterranean Sea, the first line of the beach in sunny Spain, where we have been living for almost 15 years.

While she is the HR expert, amazing in recruiting and team building, my passion is sales, now, after 20 years in sales, I'm successfully closing complex 5- and 6-figure deals in the B2B SaaS business at the c-level and I’m already training and coaching sales agents and executives.

B2B Sales, is it easy? Hell no! Do I know everything now? Of course not! But I wish I had access to the expert knowledge 20 years ago (okay, please, at least 10 years), these golden nuggets I'm happy to share with you here. This is well-kept knowledge that will save you many months or even years of painful try & error.

B2b SaaS Sales is the Champions League and I want to see you dancing on the top. So, join our Sales Boss Gym as often as you want and flex your Sales Muscles to 10x your closing rates confidently dominating your sales business!

PS: if you want to learn more about how we can support you or your sales team, just contact us :-)

See How Easily You Can 3X Your Sales In The Next 45 Days. Book A FREE Call!

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